OrganiZATOR User's Guide

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Sent Messages

§1  General

The tab Sent box contains the copy of the messages sent to other members of the network. This copy is stored in the place you have chosen as the address of your mailbox, along with those received from other users. But remember that this copy only takes place if you have activated the corresponding switch for the initial settings. Otherwise, copies of outgoing messages are not retained.

Remember that by default, this window displays the sent messages that exist at your mailbox (which ever place it where located, in the current directory or at any point). When connecting to another area, the messages displayed correspond with those that would have the area connected.

§2  Browsing

The window will be empty if there are no messages sent; the copy switch is disabled, or you have wiped existing messages. Otherwise, there appears a line for each sent message showing the contents of its fields. The inspection of its content is the usual in Windows applications. Can be made horizontal/vertical scroll with the corresponding slide bars to inspect hidden elements. The title bars are resizable, so that you can drag them to shorten or widen, and at the same time, successively clicking with the mouse on the title of any column, lists its content in direct/inverse alphabetical order.

The context menu that appears when you click with the right mouse button on the window, includes options for Go home; Go to end; Page forward and Back page. These movements also can be made with the keyboard:

  • [Home]  Position in the first line.
  • [End]   Position on the last line
  • [Page Up]   Backward a page
  • [Page Dn]   Forward page

Note that the Memo column indicates the number of characters in the cell (----- if it is empty).  The actual content of this field of the line that has hotbed at the time, can be found at the bottom window (which indicates <Empty Memo> if it do not have content). At the same time, the left window of the bottom status line (purple) contains the entire field Subject, which is useful if the text is too long for current width of the column.

§4  Maintenance

Aside from the navigation options, the only option offered by the context menu is to delete, because sent messages can not be changed.

  • This item > Delete

This option is also available from the keyboard:

  • [Del]   Delete the message actually pointed out by the cursor.