OrganiZATOR User's Guide

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Notebook & Frequently used panel


Figure 1.

  The Notebook pretends to be an imitation of that block or paper that we all have on the desktop for quick and provisional annotations. Is accessed by clicking the button in the toolbar of the main screen.

This option always uses the file of the local area of the application; regardless of what would be the work area connected to the main zone at the time.  This is indicates as usual in the window title.

  The Frequently used panel is similar to the previous one, except that in his normal invocation, the content is static, i.e. not editable, because usually these data do not change frequently. Is assumed that it is aimed to hold heterogeneous information (numbers, phones, addresses, etc.) that some have in a paper stick on the screen or under the glass of the desktop, those kind of data that generally make sense only to its owner.

To consult it can use the button of the toolbar, or the option Utilis-1 >> Frequently used panel in the menu bar on the main screen.  The consultation option always uses the data for the local area, regardless of the area connected at that moment in initial zone (main).

You can edit the contents of this panel by selecting Configuration >> Frequently used panel in the menu bar on the main screen. In contrast to the previous query option, the editing is done on the data connected to the area at that time in the initial zone (main).

As usual, both in the query as the editing options of the frequent use pane, the source of data (work area) may be indicated in the title of the window.