OrganiZATOR User's Guide

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Selecting the Work Area

Figure 1

The database used in a given time for each zone of Zator can be changed with a few mouse clicks, it's what we call connect to a work area, or change the connection of the zone, but remember that in despite of the name, the meaning is always changing the origin of the data being handled.

Note: at the beginning, the initial application area (main zone) is connected to the local area. The other two areas, dBase and Planner are not connected to any (does not exist) until they are invoked for the first time. Then they connect to the same area that the main zone has.

As indicated in the introduction, each zone has its own menu to change its work area, although these three menus are nurtured by the same source, a table known as table of work areas of the local dBase, which must be made by the user in concordance with the topology of the installation (see Maintaining work areas). Specifically, the options to select the change in the main zone is in Utilis-1 >> Select work area of the menu bar, and the button of the toolbar of the initial window. As the window of the Planner as the one of dBase, both have a corresponding option Work area in his menu bar.

By selecting an option in any of the areas, there appears is a little menu as indicated in the figure, with a list of names (aliases) of the areas (dBases) defined in the installation. Can select anyone by clicking on it or from the keyboard [Enter]. The Exit option in the menu bar closes the window without producing any change, while the Back Home option returns the connection to the local area of the user.

Immediately after completed the corresponding selection, is done a reload of data, so that usually changes the presentation of data available at that time on the screen, which are replaced by those of the new dBase. The change is less evident in the initial zone (main), because this screen does not include submission of any data that is affected by the change, but in any case, the identity of the new connection is evident in the title bar of the window affected.