OrganiZATOR User's Guide

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Run command

Zator offers the possibility of store a list or catalog of executables that can be subsequently called to execution. The maintenance of this catalog is initiated by selecting Configuration >> Commands catalog from the menu bar of the initial window (see Commands catalog). Once defined, the commands can be called to execution by selecting Utils-1 >> Run command from the menu bar, or by clicking the button in the toolbar of the initial window.

By invoking this option, appears a vertical menu, as in the figure, with the nickname of the commands defined in the catalog, where can be selected which will be called to execution. In relationship with him fit three observations:

   The data that appear in the menu comes always from the catalogue defined in the local area, regardless of the area connected at that time in the main zone.

  To access this menu is required owner or higher rights. Users with guest right do not have access because some options may involve write operations for which they are vetoed.

  Depending on how was defined the command, in certain cases, the execution of Zator can be suspended while not completed the process initiated by this menu.