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2016-02-17 7.3.0
The marketing model has been changed, which has gone from being "shareware" (try before buy) to donationware. So that this new version is fully functional and lacks any kind of protection, without being limited in its use, or in the number of installations that can make the user. The payment Is completely voluntary, and in the amount who each consider, if the user believes that the application is useful and / or want to collaborate in its development.
+ Solved a deficiency for which, when accessing to a newly created dataBase in a work area (empty dBase), the old data in the log (data from dBase you just disconnected), remains in the screen.
+ Has been fixed a problem that occurs if during the process of editing a Note/Memo field, is accessed certain options in the context menu of the items of dBase. For example, you try to create a new item.
+ Has been improved the information about the running device, shown in the help option "About Zator".
+ Now, the temporary files are saved in the subdirectory \Temp of the local directory (where the resides the executable) instead in the subdirectory \Temp of the connected area. This allows to speed up certain processes when the area connected belongs to an unit external to the own computer (the file is on a drive belonging to another computer on the local network).
+ When jumping to an item from a link (lower windows), none movement was recorded in the log of movements (historic). This happened when the jump destination was an Appointment, Expiry date, Pending, or Ephemeris. Now the movement is recorded correctly.
+ The dialog box to format text in the Note/Memo fields has beem improved with three new buttons that let you repeat the last font selected, and the last colors selected for text and background (ink and paper).
+ Improved the text search engine in dBase
+ Has been fixed an error in the search in a hierarchy, which did not seek correctly in the messages (items in Sent box; To send box, and In box).
+ Has been added a quick search option, through a window in the toolbar, which allows text searches in dBase titles. Note that really, this option is a shortcut to the traditional way of doing this search, using the option of the menu bar: Search => Search Text => Search in dataBase => including Title.
+ The "extended" data in dBase have two particular search modes that are accessible thru the context menu (click the right mouse button on any of its fields: Name, Surname; Alias, etc.) which are called "search in field" and "search in index". Until now, when the search encounters a match, the data of the item found wasn't properly filled in what regards the content of the email folder, the logbook, and frame holder. This deficiency has been corrected and properly displayed all elements of the item found.
+ The search index is independent for each dBase and until now, selecting the option to generate the index, if the Messages and/or the Scheduler were not in the same area that the dBase, only was optimized the index of this last. Now, the ones of the mentioned parts are also optimized regardless of the areas used by  them.
+ Fixed a problem that hangs the application when checking the content (text) of a Note/Memo field against the internal dictionary. In addition, the process of spelling words has been improved.
+ Fixed the problem that when checking text against the internal dictionary, the chords word count was wrong.
+ Fixed an issue in the spellchecker, who mistakenly identifies words, if the first letter of the next word was orthographically accented.
+ Has been fixed a problem where in some cases, the appointment times were not listed correctly in the Agenda.
+ Fixed an issue where under certain circumstances, an unrecoverable error occurred in the application, which required restart, appearing a window with the message: "OrganiZATOR v.7.2.x stopped working. The program stopped working because of a problem. Windows will close the program and notify you if exists a solution." That occurred when in Configuration => Initial Settings, where selected the options of using independent threads in Logbook, Frame holder, and/or Emails (these options are enabled by default).
$ So far, after generating the search index, it was optional perform an optimization of the new index. From this version is no longer optional, and optimization is performed automatically within the generation.
2013-03-13 7.2.2


 + Now, in each dBase used, Zator includes memory of de most recent concepts used in the account entries, which are conserved among different sessions of the application..
 + Ditto for the historic of movements, so the last items visited in each dBase connected, are now remembered between sessions.
 + We have included four new buttons that maximize the Frame Holder's window; email content's window; the Note/Memo field, and the main Loger. So that with one click, you can get a more extensive view of those contents without needing drag the edges of those windows.
 + We have included a new button -complementary of the former-, which can restore the original layout and size of the windows of dataBase, in the event that has been modified by the action of any of the buttons outlined in the previous section, or by dragging their edges.
 + During the editing process of the Note/Memo fields, has been added in the formatting panel, the option to insert bullets numbered.
 $ Includes version 1.1 of the module eWatcher Lite for notification of email arrivals, which fixes a problem that occurred when an error occurred in connecting some of the controlled accounts. For example, a "time out" because the server does not respond within the time specified in the account settings.
 $ The database engine jas been updated.
 $ The mechanism for connecting with the dataBase engine has been redesigned, so that the operation of several users with the same dataBase, is now more fluid.
 $ The email client module has been improved. Now, the email sent in response to an earlier one, includde the "In-Response-To:" field, so that they are interpreted correctly by the mailing lists.
 $ The behavior of the incoming email panel, has also been improved, and corrected an error associated with the abort button.
 -- Fixed a bug that originated memory leaks when using the application with independent threads.
 -- Fixed an issue who in some cases -when using threading-, the application does not terminate gracefully, continuing as a process running in the background, with the consequent loss of system performance due to memory consumption and processor time.
2013-01-01 7.2.1


 $ It has been eliminated the problem of false positives with some antivirus in the previous version 7.2.0, which are caused by the protection system used. In this new version, none of the zator7.exe executables resulting in the installation process (SHA256: 5b292ef82f16daabf8788cc705cab6bb51c47dff6cca248251fbb788702fbe85 for the Spanish version, and SHA256: 3dfcc0ab0abf8d211549f54eb7e5eb726cf1dc10e9c08f513a069aa5af475656 for the English version) present any detection problem with any of the 46 antivirus used in Virustotal (data analyzes conducted on the 01/01/2013).
 -- Removed a visibility problem (due of a lack of space in the initial window) of the English version, when running on Windows 8.
 -- Removed a problem of earlier versions, who affected the hour shown in appointments, when its value is less than 10 -representable by a digit (0/9)-
 -- Removed a problem in the English version, which incorrectly announced that the version of dataBase is Spanish. The correction only affects new dBases; the dBases created previously, can continue showing this misinformation, but is a purely aesthetic that in any way affect the proper functioning of the dataBase.
 -- Removed an error in the English version, in which the message warning that you have reached the limit of the standard (free) version, appears in Spanish.
 -- Removed a bug where some users of Windows 8 (desktop version) who have installed certain Microsoft applications, can not properly see the body of the email received, because such applications modify the signature of the operating system used, with parameters not yet documented on MSDN.
2012/12/26. 7.2.0

 ¡  This new version is recommended as essential for all users of previous versions. As long as the contrary is o not expressly stated, registered users of previous versions may continue using their current keys with the new version.
 ¡  Safety Note: the resulting executable of the installation process, zator7.exe (SHA256 = 0a35b032c9bedf33e8af41238e5c34a83435f08061e9ef78516365d169b97393 for the English version), can give false positive in some antivirus, because the protection system (Themdia) used in the application. Specifically, at 12/23/2012, the analysis with VirusTotal,  produced three detections of 46. Positive results are:

Antivirus Result
Agnitum Packet/Themida
McAfee-GW-Edition Heuristic.BehavesLike.Win32.Suspicious-BAY.S
TheHacker W32/Behav-Heuristic-064

As can be seen, Agnitum is the only antivirus that correctly identifies the reason for the warning. Also note that in order to provide the user with notice of new releases, Zator does not install any program resident, but when starting, tries to make a connection with the server, to obtain the last published version. If the connection can be achieved, it is not retried until after 24 hours, regardless of the number of times the application is restarted.
 --  Removed a bug that under certain conditions, makes disappear some imported emails, and makes the dataBase appears corrupted. Also has been added an option to retrieve that missing emails in applications whose dataBase has suffered such problems. The description of the problem can be viewed with more detail in the blog of Zator's users.
 --  Removed a bug in earlier versions, affecting the maximum/minimum size allowed when modifying a data field in extended data of dataBase.
 +  Has been added news buttons to ease the edition of Note/Memo fields.
 +  In the dialog box to maintain email accounts, have added two buttons that allow you to see in clear text the passwords used for incoming connections (POP3) and outbound (SMTP). Hovever, note that to access this option, you must access the application as superuser.
 $  Has been fixed a problem in previous versions who not shown correctly the content of the emails when running in Windows 8. Although the solution may not be perfect yet, and perhaps can present visibility problems with some emails with unusual format, the 99.9% of the email received, will be seen properly. Note that this problem does not appears en previous versions of Windows (i.e. XP; Vista o Windows 7) and is caused by a lack of backward compatibility of the new Windows 8.
 $  The dialogbox of Initial Options, has been divided into three tabs, and has been included the option to let the user decide if the update of the content of the windows of Logger; Frame holder, and email, should be performed in the main thread of the application (more slow) or in independent threads, who provides a faster and smoother response and a better user experience.

Note: when using this release, the dBases of users of previous versions, are automatically updated to version 5.6.0. The default is to use independent threads in the before mentioned updates (windows of Logger; Frame holder and email).
2012-07-17 7.1.1


 ¡ Sometimes an error can occur when closing the application. It is a known issue with certain versions of Windows ( that so far, we could not solve. However, the problem can be avoided including any image (eg a .jpg or .gif file) in the frame holder of the item that appears in first position within the root space of dataBase (first item in the first column) note that it is the solution adopted in the demo included in the dataBase accompanying the initial installation.
 -- Removed a bug that in some cases, prevents properly store the received emails. It is recommended upgrade to all users of versions 7.0.0 and 7.1.0.
 -- Fixed some flaws in the user interface (disposition of certain graphic elements) when using the application in small-screen monitors (800x600 pixels) or in sizes larger than 1440x900 pixels. Now, the behavior is correct in screens between 800x600 pixels and 1920x1080 pixels (Full HD).
 -- Has been fixed an issue that prevents proper operation of the [now] and [now ss] buttons in the dialog boxes of creation/modification of items in the main windows of dataBase.
 $ Has been improved the behavior of the application when used on a secondary monitor (on systems with more than one monitor).
 ¡ When using the application on a secondary monitor, can arise some problems that misconfigure the internal arrangement of windows of dataBase, when trying to redistribute some of their graphics elements. For example, resize the Frame Holder or Log. Specifically, the problems detected in Windows 7, when using a secondary monitor in the following positions relative to the the primary one:
  • Right:   changing Frame holder o email holder.
  • Below:  when modifying any resizable window.
  • Left:   correct behavior in all cases.
  • Above: when modifying the main windows of dataBase; Frame hilder or email holder.
 ¡ The eWatcher module (email alert service), has been renamed eWatcher Lite, to distinguish it from a future version that will coexist with the current, which let you view and delete e-mails directly from the server.
2012-04-17 7.1.0


 + eWatcher. email alert service who warns about the arrival of emails in any account of the user.
2012-03-15 7.0.0


 + Email client integrated into the dataBase.
 $ Substantially improved the dataBase search engine. Besides increasing the overall speed, it is now possible to use compound searchs.
 $ Expanded the ability to move items from binnacles. Now you can select up to 25 items to be moved together to the selected destination.
 ¡ To function correctly the spelling engine in the note/memo fields, you must define the location of the external dictionary through the menu option Utils in dataBase (select the file "en-US.dic" located in the subdirectory "Dict" of the installation directory).
2011-01-20 6.2.1


 ¡ In some rare cases, transactions involving import the contents of a file. I.e, to include some content in the Frame holder, do not work properly when the file name contains spaces. This malfunction is not consistent -not happen always- and is not exclusive to this release. Probably is also present in earlier versions. In these cases, prior to import, we recommend change the original file name -or a copy of it if you can not rename the original-.
 -- Fixed a bug in the interface who make disappear the Blog's window, when being in a tab other that the first (dataBase) and restore after minimizing.
2010-11-18 6.2.0


 + It has been added the possibility to search for items in dataBase by date of creation or modification.
 + It has been included the ability to import content from a file in the Note field, in some cases where it was not possible. For example, in the creation of new items of dataBase.
 + If Internet connection is available, the application checks whether the user is using the latest version of the executable and alerts if any new (only once a day).
 $ The dataBase user's interface has been improved, with regard to vision and movement of the main windows (upstairs) and links (downstairs).
 $ Included automatic conversion to dataBase version 5.4.0 from previous versions 5.3.0 and 5.2.0.
 $ The capacity of extended fields of dataBase has been expanded. Now everyone has a maximum length of 260 characters.
 $ The user interface has been improved; now properly display the dataBase Extended Data with some screen resolutions that previously did not display correctly.
 -- Fixed a bug that did not update correctly the creation-date when importing items in dataBase from an external file or from the Windows's clipboard.
 -- Fixed a bug that occurs when quit the application while a search process was running.
 -- Removed an annoying flicker that occurs in some screens with Windows 7.
2010-05-21 6.1.2


 -- It has been fixed a problem that had existed in earlier versions, who consumed resources of the Windows graphical device interface (GDI), so that after a certain period of operation and depending on the state of the system, began to work badly the graphical user interface (screens look like, menus, etc.) and either may be affected the functioning of other applications due to the exhaustion of the mentioned Windows resources.

We strongly recommend the upgrade for all Zator users.

Note: The mentioned problem does not affect the logical behavior of the application or its data security. Likewise, the resources consumed in excess by the application, was returned to the System when the former was ended by the user.

2010-05-15 6.1.1


 ¡ It has added a new option in dataBase: Search in this group.
 ¡ In the Note fields, we have included two new options to import and export usingt a Unicode text file. This operations can use Unicode files as direct -Little endian- or reverse -Big endian- formats.
 - Fixed a bug that did not allow export the content of a Note field to an external file.
 - Fixed a bug that did not allow to create items in a group if there was a previous item which began as the new title.
 - Fixed a bug that prevented the proper functioning of the Search-Replace options while editing the Note fields.
 - Fixed error in accounting calculus  -Balance in a hierarchy or a group- that precluded the result with sub-titles under 10 characters.
 - Fixed a fatal error that appeared in the print routines due to certain circumstances of randomly occurrence.
 - Fixed error in the recovery routines, "Integrity checking" who not allowed to recover certain orphan items.
 - Fixed a bug in the creation of items in the main windows of dataBase in difficult conditions to reproduce.
2010-04-12 6.0.0


 + This version supports International codification (UNICODE) and includes numerous enhancements and features that make it completely new. The application has been almost entirely rewritten and submitted to an extensive verification process; we hope that the bugs and inconsistencies have been reduced to a minimum.
 ¡ The dataBase structure has been modified slightly in order to bear some of the new enhancements. It includes an automatic format conversion of data files (zDB1) from previous versions, so that by accessing an area with a old dataBase format, there will be a conversion to the new (the user's permission is needed). As usual in these cases, we recommend to do a previous backup in the event that you wish return to the previous format.
 ¡ By default, the new version is installed in a directory other than the former, but you can install it in the same directory of an earlier version, preserving the existing dataBase (zDB1 file), in which case, at the start of the application, will be offered the option to convert the existing dataBase to the new format (you must acces with a minimun of "owner" level).
 ¡ False positives in some antivirus.

We found that VirusTotal, the malware detection system of the accredited Hispasec security portal, from a total of 39 antivirus used, provides three security warnings for the English versión of the executable zator6.exe (the results for the Spanish version are exactly the same):

Antivirus Version Result
Comodo 4575 Heur.Pck.Themida
Sophos 4.52.0 Sus/ComPack-C
TheHacker W32/Behav-Heuristic-064

Needless to say, that Zator Systems is a software company whose raison d'etre has nothing to do with the production of any kind of malware, though it may be appropriate to add that apparently, the previous false positives are due to the method of protection used in the application and the level of hysteria used in the heuristic analysis of some antivirus.

To check that you downloaded the original version unchanged, there you have the data for the English version of the file:

File size:    1314816 bytes
MD5...:    f712a5bd5ee7ee753e737bff3cbfd694
SHA1..:    723b2994ddfb5ac65605dd9114fe4aede48ba7ff
SHA256:    fbbb31af4afeb6ceff8f985858c49781169706b0f275b024e96d74bdfc4c59cc
2009-03-28 5.8.1


 ¡ There is a bug in the option "this row -> Export payload to file" of the Frame Holder whose response is always "Error: row without payload".  There is not workaround, but the bug has been fixed en the next release.
 -- Fixed a bug in the Frame Holder of dataBase, that sometimes does not refresh properly, especially when the object showed is a document. PDF, WORD, etc.
 -- Fixed a possible problem of memory loss in the process of reload the image of the Frame Holder of dataBase.
 -- Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented to work properly the option “Open image in new window” of the Frame Holder of dataBase.
 -- Fixed a bug in the option “Delete all this content” in the Frame Holder who not erase all items if previously has been deleted or changed an item.
 -- Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented work correctly the option “Import files from directory” in the Frame Holder of dataBase.
 -- Fixed a bug that in certain circumstances prevent to show correctly some windows in the scheduler.
 $ The “Rebuild & Squeeze” option of the main window, now reports the space freed (unused dataBase space returned to the System).
2009-03-17 5.8.0


 + Besides the button to close the application, now the main window has a button to minimize it.
 + It has been added the ability to qualify a previous anonymous link. In previous versions you could change the type of a link, or anonymous it -clear its type-, but once it gain anonymity could not be qualified again. In these cases the only option was to delete the link and create a new in place.
 + It has been incorporated a new field in the screen of Extended Data of dataBase, who we call the Frame Holder (FH) to include images or any document or resource visible in the Browser.  In this field can be displayed outside resources (located anywhere on the Intranet or Internet) or internal ones (stored in the Zator's dataBase). In this way, along with the other data drawn from an item in the dataBase, it is possible to include a collection of objects as Web pages, JPG or GIF images, PDF documents. Etc.
 + We have implemented the option of formatting the Note/Memo fields of dataBase, for what has been arranged a new toolbar, accessible during the editing-mode of these fields.

Along with the existing capacity of storing notes as plain text (without formatting), this new version allows to store, import and export these notes as formatted text (RTF). It is possible to determine the character set (font); size and color of the text; background color; interline space and indentation. Also the use of underlining, bold, italics, etc.
 + It has been extended the ability to redo and reverse (undo) the editing operations in the Note/Memo fields.
 -- It has been eliminated an error who allow delete an item in the link’s windows (lower windows of dataBase). When pressing the [Delete] key to delete the link, instead of the remaining the item and delete the link, the item where removed. Now the behavior is correct; according to the documentation, the link is erased but the item remains.
 -- It has been corrected a problem of visibility in some fields of the Extended Data of dataBase, presented when using screens with resolution of 1280x800 pixels. Now the application can be used with virtually all standard screens starting from 800x600 pixels up to 1440x900 and higher resolutions.
 -- It has been eliminated a bug that prevented the creation of an anonymous link between an item and its direct ancestor in the index (its parent-item).
 $ The routines to check the integrity of dataBase have been enhanced, besides its corresponding ability to recover certain inconsistencies.
2008-12-09 5.7.0


 -- Now the process of erasing added users, allows to view and clear the ones of external areas (assuming the user has an appropriate access).  At the same time, correcting an error for which the users who were shown in the menu, where always the ones of the local area, although it might be actually erase the ones of a remote area (the area connected at that moment in the main-zone).
 $ This release includes the version 5.2.0 of dataBase, but it is backward compatible with earlier versions, in the sense that if there is not the field added in this version -to keep the path of the external dictionary-, it is created quietly, so that we can say that updates the version of the dataBase that already has the user.
 $ In the options to create/modify items in dataBase, the buttons [Date], [now] and [Now ss], allow to include the data in any position of the title (into the current cursor position) without the loss of the previous content of the field.
 $ Improvements have been made in the dialog-boxes of Connection with external areas; Run commands, and Send messages. Has been included a contextual menu and a menu bar.
 $ Improvements have been made in many of the processes of introducing dates. Now the last date used are always remembered, so the processes of introducing repetitive dates, as in accounting, has been eased.
 $ In many points of the application has been improved the system for detecting errors and the message provided in such situations.
 $ In dataBase, the historical of visited items, the one which allows the options of jumping directly to any of the previous  visited positions, as well as the backward/forward movement buttons   , has been extended to the 30 last positions (in earlier versions of this value was 20).
 $ In dataBase, the historical of used links -Sources, Types and Targets- have been extended to the last 20 selections (in earlier versions of this value was 10).
 + Has been added the possibility of checking and spell correction of the Memo/Note fields, on the basis of an external dictionary -Open Office style-. The installation program includes two dictionaries -English and Spanish languages- and has selected the appropriate language, but this selection can be changed by the user, or can use any other language dictionaries (see the manual on the matter -DataBase -> Note/Memo fields-).
 + In the accounting utilities of dataBase, has been added the ability of calculating the accumulated Credit and Debit of a group -account- and a hierarchy, in two versions: for the whole period and between dates.
 + In dataBase and Agenda has added a small window (to the left of the bottom line of status) with an indication of the level of access permitted in the area. In addition, the indication that already existed in the main window is updated properly when changing the work area of the initial (main) zone.
 + Explanatory tooltips have been added to lower fields of the main zone.
 + There have been included two new buttons: "Previous Group" and "Next Group" in the toolbar of dataBase, which let you change the currently selected item in the main -top- window. These buttons are particularly useful when is selected the view of Extended Data or the view of Results, and the user wish to move to the previous element -its root- or to the next -the first in the next window that depends on him-, without having to return to the main view.
2008-11-04 5.6.7


 $ The routine to check the dataBase integrity has been enhanced
 -- Corrected an error occurred while editing a item from the lower windows -of links- in dataBase, when the represented link is a member -line- of a Logger.
 -- Fixed a fatal error -not recoverable- which occurred when trying to select as the source of an link, a item of a Logger whose Description field is empty (has no content).
 + Has been included two new buttons In the dialog box Creation/Modification of items of dataBase, labeled [Now] and [Now ss], that allow the current date and time with and without seconds -formats YYYY-MM-DD hh: mm and YYYY-MM-DD hh: mm:ss-. The new buttons can be useful for those who use Zator as a record of events that require further discrimination that the plain date -year, month, day- of the event.
 + Has been included two new buttons in the toolbar of dataBase: “Previous in Group” and   “Next in group“, who let you change the currently selected item in the main -top- window. These buttons are particularly useful when is selected the view of Extended Data or Results, and the user want to move to the next/previous item in the group without having to return to the main view.
2008-07-06 5.6.6





This version resolves a potential runtime problem in the earlier version, presented in those computers that do not have the appropriate version of certain Windows libraries. If necessary, the new installer includes them in the host system.

It includes a significant improvement in the user interface, specifically in modifying the Extended fields (Name, Address, Town, etc.) of the Data Base. The new interface is much clearer than the one in previous versions, and will avoid confusion for users.

2008-09-16 5.6.5


 -- Due to a problem of rounding, in some cases, after creating a movement in Data Base -> Accounting, it is not possible to create a new one. Although the accounting movement is created properly, a mistake in rounding   motivates the movement not be regarded as completely settled, so it is not allowed to introduce a new date and start a new movement. This problem has been corrected using a library that processed correctly the decimal arithmetic used in this part of the application.
2008-05-14 5.6.4


 -- Has been corrected an inconsistency in Notebook. There, where selecting "Cancel" after having made any changes, and  re-invoke the Notebook, it appeared as if the changes were maintained, but actually that appearance was maintained only during the current session. When closing the application and re-enter, we can see that the changes had not been retained. The modification makes the behavior more into line with user expectations. Now, after some changes if you select "Cancel" and then comeback to the Notebook in the same working session, it is found that recent changes have not been preserved.
2008-05-04 5.6.3


 -- It has been fixed a bug in the process of creation/modification of events in Agenda, which produced a false error message when you create/modify the first item (despite the warning, the operation was done correctly). It also has been corrected an inconsistency in the process of modifying Appointments and Expiry dates, in which the initial time (on appointments) and forewarning (in Expiry dates) did not appear correctly reflected in the dialog box, so that was needed to re-enter this data.
 $ It has been improved the description of the errors provided by the maintenance routine of the Initial Parameters. Now, when you introduces a wrong path for the Mailbox; the Historic file, or the Backup directory, rather than a generic message, the notice identifies which of the paths is incorrect.
2008-04-28 5.6.2


 $ We have implemented a control that prevents a potential data loss (disappearance of data in the user interface) as a result of moving the items of a group of dataBase to another group, and the target is a descendant of the original group (depends of it). Such movements creates a logical inconsistency that deal in the disappearance from the user interface of the moved group and all its descendants, thus becoming inaccessible (tantamount to try graft a branch of a tree in anyplace of itself -the cut of the branch for graft make it disappears from the tree, and then can not be accessed from any point of the original the tree or from any other-). In these cases, the new control warns about the inconsistency and does not allow the movement.

Note: this type of inconsistency may also arise when instead a group, we move a single item, although in this case, the control that avoids the possible inconsistency was already implemented.
 + In previous versions, the numeric and date calculations in dataBase refer to the values (numerical or dates), which appear at the beginning of the item's title. In this version has been included the possibility of carrying out these calculations on values in any position within the item. To this has included the possibility of select the hypothetical column within the item containing the data to consider, as well as define the character or characters (up to five different) that we assume that act as column's delimiters. By default, the selected column is the first (column zero), so that in the absence of another value explicitly provided by the user, the behavior is identical to previous releases.
  ¡ It has been slightly modified the distribution of the extended fields of dataBase. The reason is to leave a free space in this window where include a picture.

Note: in future versions will include the possibility that, alongside the current extended data in each item of dataBase, can include an image (picture, drawing, etc.), which will be directly visible in this space.

2008-04-18 5.6.1


 -- Corrected an error by which, in the Notebook and in the Note/Memo fields of dataBase, it is not possible cut/copy text to the clipboard if the selection includes characters behind the position 65,535. Of course this can only happen if the content of the field exceeds 64 KB.
 $ It has been included the ability to perform calculations in the window of results (contextual menu in the auxiliary bottom window). This option allows interesting possibilities, since the items in this window are the result of a search (implement a condition over the whole dataBase or any part thereof).
2008-04-16 5.6.0


 -- Fixed an error where, by creating and then erasing completely a Note field in dataBase, after that, were not allowed the use of that field to hold new data (although the new data were actually recorded in dataBase, apparently "disappeared" because it was not possible view it again).
 -- Fixed a problem that could produce a fatal error in certain processes of import data who involve the mechanism of the Windows clipboard.
 -- Fixed a problem that could produce a fatal error when importing large BLOB objects, as a result of the lack of enough contiguous memory in the system. This error was most likely after a certain time of application intensive-use.
 $ It has been improved the mechanism for import BLOB objects (including payload in Log lines of dataBase), so that now can be included in the database objects of any size. In the tests carried out have been included without problem objects of more than 472 MB in size (483.571.471 Bytes).
 $ The jump movements in dataBase has been expedited. For example, when in a bottom window (of links) want to jump to the corresponding item (option "Jump to this item") the movement is now much faster.
 $ The routine for importing data to Note/Memo fields from a file has been modified to the event when the file size is greater than the current maximum size (1.5 MB) allowed for one of these fields. In previous versions the import were cancelled. Now the content of the file is imported to the maximum size allowed.
 + In the help window (About Zator) has been included information about the use in the dataBase connected at the time in the main area. This lead to a much more friendly use of the standard version (unregistered), because the user can easily ascertain the margin available in each dataBase.
 + New option to export the payload of a Log line of dataBase to a file selected by the user.
 + New option to export the contents of a Note/Memo field of dataBase to an file (the previous version already has the complementary option to this: import the contents of a file to a Note/Memo field).
 + New option to Export the titles of a group of dataBase to a text file.
 + New option to import new items (titles) to a group of dataBase from a text file.

Note: each line of text will be transformed into a new item within the selected group. The lines are considered bounded by CR-LF ("hard-lines" in the original document). The lines longer than the maximum length for the item's titles of dataBase are not imported (paragraphs of text with more than 255 characters). In tests carried out we imported without difficulty, a text of 71935 lines (this amount is not a limit for the items that can exist in the same group).
 + New options to copy the titles of a group to the clipboard and its inverse, import the contents of the clipboard as new items of a selected group.

These options are complementary to the above (import/export titles from/to a file) and apply to them the same considerations with regard to the maximum length of the line that can be transformed into the title of an item.
 + New option to copy to the clipboard the discordant words (marked in red) after comparing a Note/Memo field with a dictionary.
2008-03-11 5.5.0


 -- Corrected a bug that left the application in an unstable state when using the option "Count words/characters" in a Note/Memo field of dataBase.
 -- Fixed a bug that could cause loss of memory when using the "Import File ..." option while editing Memo/Note fields in dataBase.
 -- Corrected a bug that left dangled links when erasing Log rows that had in turn links To/From other objects.
 -- Fixed a bug in the creation of account entries, where pressing the date button, the selection calendar does not remember and shows, the last date selected.
 -- Corrected a bug in the history of movements, where selecting  jump to a previous position in the context menu, does not jump to the selected position.
 $ The detection and correction capability of the dataBase verification routines has been improved.
 $ Now, the dataBase integrity and checking routines, as Reindex and Rebuild & Compress, relate to the dataBase connected in the initial (main) area, making it possible to perform these operations on remote dBases.

Note: In previous versions these options are always referred to the local dataBase, regardless of which was the dataBase connected at the time. 
 $ The Note and Memo fields can now contain up to 1.5 MB. (1,572,864 characters). In previous versions the maximum is 32 KB.
 $ The ability of the Notebook has also been expanded up to 1.5 MB. Now, likewise to the Note and Memo fields, the Notebook detect and treat properly the URLs.
 $ Besides the existing option of counting characters and words in the Note/Memo fields, it has been added the ability to obtain the number of soft/hard lines.
 $ The search routines in the dataBase can now be realized in two ways, with and without case-sensitivity. Initially, by default, this distinction is not taken into account (the searches do not differentiate between upper and lower case), but this behavior can be changed depending on the state of the option Search is case sensitive, located in the Search option in the main menu of dataBase.

Note: please note that the state of this switch (on/off), not only affects the searches, also all operations that involve comparing strings in dataBase. For example, the generation of a dictionary (see below).
 + Added the ability to abort certain processes. For example: Searches; Printing, and Deletion of items. In the deletion processes, if the process is aborted before its completion, the transaction is reversed (deleted objects so far are recovered).
 + New option to count the occurrences of a string in the content of a Note/Memo.

The option is in Content analysis > Count occurrences of the context menu of Notes/Memo fields. The number of occurrences of the string is obtained immediately in a popup window, but the results (number of occurrences, and used string) can be stored as subitems of an item chosen for this purpose. The selection of this last takes place in the context menu of the upper windows of dataBase. The option this Item: > Select as target for Results of Analysis.

Note: to control the item actually selected as destination for the results, there is a context menu on the button that displays the search results .
 + New option to generate a dictionary with the words included in a Note/Memo field, and store it in a given destination. The words are stored with lowercase letters or with the original case, depending on the state of the switch to distinguish uppercase/lowercase in searches (see above). The option is on Content analysis > Get dictionary of words from the context menu of Notes/Memo fields.

The generation process dismisses all words containing a digit (numeric character) in its composition.

To enable this option, before it is necessary to select a item as destination for the dictionary (the words appear as subitems of the selected destination). This selection is done in the context menu of the upstairs windows of dataBase.  Option this Item:  >  Select as Dictionary's Source/Target.

Note: the context menu added to the button that displays the search results , allows control the item that actually defines the position of the dictionary.
 + New option to compare the content of a Note/Memo field to a dictionary and point out the words not found in the dictionary.

To be enabled this option it is necessary that previously has been defined a item as dictionary (see above).
 + New option to move all the elements of a group (the content of a upstairs window) to another group.
 + New option to move the entire contents of the Log of an item to another.

Note: the mechanics of operation is similar to that used to move a single row of a Log field.
 + New option to move the entire contents of the eDir field of a item to another.
 + New option to delete all the descendants of a item of dataBase (upstairs windows).

Note: In previous versions there are two options: "Delete this item" and "Delete this hierarchy," this latest erase the descendants, but also clears the item stated. The new option clears the descendants but keeps the item stated.
 ¡ In some cases, it can happen that after a list of dataBase, the Log field appear misplaced on the screen.  The only significance is that the contents of the log is difficult to see as it is overshadowed by the windows above. If this happens after a listing, the solution is to restart the program.

Remember that for the proper functioning of the application, the configuration of the Windows desktop must be adequate (see note ).

2008-02-23 5.4.0


 -- Corrected an error in the listings when printing at the same session several hierarchies in "Accounting mode".
 -- Fixed an error in the options of Search/Replace the contents of Memo/Note fields that was not functioning properly. In particular the "Search for whole words", "Search upwards", and "Coincide upper/lower case".
 $ The windows to enter dates retain the last value accepted, which facilitates the introduction of new dates if they are the same as the last.

The windows to searches retain the last search string used, which facilitates successive searches. 
 + Has been added a context menu to the un-do/re-do buttons of dataBase, so that in addition to revisiting the last positions and un-do the way, it is now possible to jump directly to any of the 20 previous positions without having to visit the intermediate steps.
 + It has been added the option of counting characters/words in the Note/Memo fields of dataBase.
 + It has been added the option of setting initial and final dates for calculations of account balance, so that it is now possible to know the value in a specified interval.
 + It has been added the option of setting initial and final dates in accounts listings to allow define the beginning/end dates of account entries that will be included in the list. Thus it is possible to obtain the list of movements of a given period.
2008-02-15 5.3.5


 -- Fixed an error where the eDir fields and the results of searches in Logs and in eDirs were not ordered correctly by their column content when clicking on their title bar.
 -- Fixes some minor inconsistencies in the interface of dataBase
 $ By default, the items on the Log field of the dataBase appear sorted by date (in previous versions appear initially in order of creation).  In listings that includes the contents of these fields, the corresponding items also appear now sorted by date.
 $ Before closing, the application detects if a Note/Memo field is being edited, and offers the ability to save the current state (the latest changes).
 $ It is now possible to widen/narrow the main windows of dataBase (top row) on an individual basis, by dragging with the mouse their vertical edges. Accordingly, the buttons to expand/narrow these windows are unnecessary and have been removed.

Clicking on the auxiliary windows of the Link's windows, these are widen/tightened. Clicking on the auxiliary window of the root window (first left on the top row), widen/tighten all main windows (top row).

Dragging the edges of the root window, amend the dimensions (height & width) of the main windows (the modification affects the whole row). This option, along with the possibility of changing the allocation of the lower space dragging the edges of the Log field (introduced in version 5.3.4), allows that the contents of the window of dataBase can be configured according to user preferences.

Recall that for the proper functioning needs to be disabled the option "Show contents of window while dragging" on the Windows desktop (see note on the matter
2008-02-07 5.3.4


 -- Fixed some minor inconsistencies in the interface of dataBase.
 + It has included the ability to print a item of the Logger of dataBase (previous versions only allows print all items).
 $ The mechanism for changing the area occupied by the Log and Note fields of the dataBase has been improved significantly.  The six buttons who hide/show the lower Link's windows, dealing to an all/nothing movement,  have been removed. It is now possible to resize the Log field dragging with the mouse in its lower and right edges, that movement, in addition to gradually change the size of this field, drag to the Note and lower link's windows (which may eventually disappear), so that the relative size of these fields can be configured according to user preferences. Thus, the entire down space can be assigned to the Log, the Note field or Link's windows, as also possible intermediates configurations.
 ¡ Important:  when resizing the Log window in dataBase, dragging its borders with the mouse, there can be an annoying flicker on the screen, and sometimes can disappear the buttons on the toolbar. This effect may be avoided changing the configuration of the Windows desktop. To do so, press the right mouse button anywhere on the desktop to get a context menu. Then:

* Windows 98SE:

  • Select the Properties option

  • Select the tab Effects

  • The "Show contents of window while dragging" should not be selected.

  • Press the Apply button (if has made any change)

  • Click the OK button.

* Windows XP:

  • Select the Properties option

  • Select the Appearance

  • Select the Effects button

  • The "Show contents of window while dragging" should not be selected.

  • Click the OK button.

  • Press the Apply button (if has made any changes in the previous window).

  • Click the OK button.

* Windows Vista:

  • Select the Custom option

  • Select the option color and appearance of the windows

  • Select the Effects... button

  • The "Show contents of window while dragging" should not be selected.

  • Press the Apply button (if has made any change on the previous window).

  • Click the OK button.

  • Close the window.

2008-02-04 5.3.3


 + It has included the possibility of include the content of the eDir fields in the listings.
 $ The user interface of dataBase has been improved. Now there are three views (not two as earlier) that are accessible via three individual buttons:  Standard view; view of Extended Data and view of Results.
 -- Fixed errors 8004 and 8005
 -- Fixed some minor errors and inconsistencies. Especially in the user interface of dataBase.



-- Fixed error 8003.
 ¡ Tiket 8004: The first time you create an item at Work areas, Commands catalog and Messaging addresses, where there are not a prior item, and the dialog box appears empty, an error occurs: "Error in addItm method .. . ". It is actually a false error that does not prevent the element to be created correctly. This notice does not appear when there is already something beforehand.
 ¡ Tiket 8005: an error occurs when modifying the Extended data in the dataBase, in which is not updated the current item (which supposedly is currently being changed), but the field of another item. This error occurs when the item has nothing in its Note field, and its Log field is equally empty.



-- Fixed errors 8001 and 8002
 ¡ Tiket 8003: There is an error in the context menu of the upper windows of dataBase that does not allow the creation of new account entrys. The problem affects the versions 5.3.1 and 5.3.0



 + The addresses of Internet resources (URLs) contained in the Memo/Note fields of dataBase and Scheduler are now detected and treated as such. This means that they are marked with an underscored text of a different color and that by passing the mouse over them, the cursor turns momentarily into a hand. The behavior is similar to the web browser, so the resource is available by double clicking the mouse on these links.

Note: Are recognized URLs with the following prefixes: http:  file:  mailto:  ftp:  https:  gopher:  nntp:  prospero:  telnet:  news: and wais:

 + Highly configurable options to print any contents of the Scheduler or dataBase.
 -- In modifying items in dataBase now works the date button (including a date in the Title analogous to the creation process).
 ¡ Tiket 8002: Apart from the print of Note/Memo fields, the listings of dBases of external areas do not function properly. Note that the problem *not* affect the listings in the Scheduler, which operate correctly in any area.
 ¡ Tiket 8001: By accessing as superUser to create/modify data in the Work Areas, Commands catalog or Messaging addresses, an error occurs: “SQL error: out of memory” (visible in the third window on the status line of the main window) not allowing to see the data in the corresponding window.

You can use the following workaround: before moving to the appropriate option in the Configuration menu of the main window, access to the dataBase (after this first access that window may be closed). Then you can access the options Work Areas, Command catalog and Messaging addresses without the aforementioned error.




 -- Corrected error in the search of extended fields that show incorrectly the eDir data of the item found.
 -- Corrected some minor bugs.
 + Search option in the logbook of the actual item.
 + Search option in the eDir field of the actual item.
 + The auxiliary file and directory browser used in some dialog boxes -button [Examine]- now let explore other LAN nodes besides de local one.
 + The search in the extended fields now lets two forms: the previous one, who we call search in index, who let find the items whose field begins with the selected text, and a new one, search in field, who let find the items who contain the selected text in any position inside the field.
 + Button to search next to both searches, in index and in field.  This button let do a search next in the standard view. Previously the search next was only possible in the extended view.
 + Option to widen/narrow the main windows by means of the corresponding buttons (disabled in previous versions)
 $ Way to revisit the items found in the searches in extended fields. The Clip button has been eliminated.  Now can be use the buttons move forward and move backward to come back to the items found.
 $ Updated the relational database management system (RDBMS)



-- Fixed error when modifying the Frequent Used Panel
-- Fixed error when erasing items in dataBase; under certain circumstances caused to appear dangling links and items.



 + Added the Exit option in the main screen toolbar
 $ Improved acoustic signals (beeps) as feedback to the user
 $ Increased the length of the text available in the column "number" of the eDir field in the dataBase, from 35 to 360 characters, which allow the inclusion of URLs in addition to phone numbers or emails addresses.

Slight modifications in the design of the dataBase. Users of prerelease versions who reach some of the limits to the standard (free) version did not receive the corresponding message:

The dataBase this area contains xxxx records and yyyyy bytes.
You have reached a limit value for the free version, but can continue as a guest.
Thank you for using OrganiZATOR¡"

Instead, only an indication that the dataBase is corrupt or not is a Zator dataBase.


Fixed some problems with the access to the Commands catalog from the main screen

2007-10-26 5.0.0 / 5.0.0   Gamma version (prerelease)