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OrganiZATOR v 7.

The new version 7.2.2 of OrganiZATOR for Windows.

Enjoy the characteristics of a tool that surely will change some of yours concepts about the way to manage the information.

A powerful distributed database; a personal scheduler; an email client, and all that you need for work in a group and communicate inside your company, business or department. Whether if you works in a single personal, isolated computer, like in a connected working group by means of an intranet (LAN) with other hardware, this it is the tool that you was waiting.

A fully functional standard (gratuitous) version of free download.

Try without cut off time before buying (registered version).

Take advantage of those more than generous characteristics of the standard version.

Complete online user guide.

: the standard version enjoys exactly the same characteristics that the registered, although limited to a maximum total of 10.000 records and a size of 4 MB in each data base (dBase).  Both versions can use a limitless number of dBases. When reaching some of the before mentioned limits, you will be able to continue using the application, although only in read mode (without modify or to add new data) [1].


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[1]  This limit is individual and independent for each dBase. For example, the standard version allows to use unrestricted and limitless number of dBases that stay below the mentioned limits. Once reached some limit in any of them, the restriction will reach only to the exceeded dBase.