OrganiZATOR User's Guide

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Standard Users > Change Passwords

We have indicated (Introduction) that OrganiZATOR has four types of users and four default users (one for each type). These are:

Name Level Rights
guest    4 Have read-only access.  Can't make changes (write/erase) in the dBase.
owner   3 Can make changes (write/erase), but can't change certain settings.
super   2 Can do the options of the above plus change all settings.
sysop   1 Can do the options of the above and change the user's passwords and create new users of levels 3 and 4 [1].

These default users can not be erased or changed their names, but their default password can and must be changed. This can be done by selecting Configuration >> Users >> Passwords from the menu bar of the initial window. Note that the possibility of change depends on the level of the operator according to the following schedule:

Figure 1.

  • sysop  can change the password for all users.
  • super  can change the password for users of equal and greater level than it (super, owner and guest).
  • owner  can change his own password.

Remember that these keys are independent and own for each dBase (each area that may exist in the installation). Also the recommendations and observations indicated about it in the introduction.

By selecting this option there appears a window (figure 1) that reminds the user whose password are changing. Do not forget that these keys are case sensitive (check the state of the capital selector on your keyboard), and that its length must fall between 8 and 24 alphanumeric characters.

Although this is not indicated in the title of the window, it is important to remember that the change relates to the default users of the area connected in the main zone at that time . Note that this option allows to the system operator to maintain the users of the installation in a centralized manner and without having to journey from one computer to another.

Remember finally that the accesses as user of level 3 (owner) and/or level 4 (guest) can be made public by setting their respective passwords equals to DISABLED. Which means that Zator not request any key to the initial access.


[1]  There are only a Super User and a System Operator in each dBase.