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Email alert service

§1  eWatcher

The Zator email client has an auxiliary utility named eWatcher, which installs a Windows service that periodically checks those email accounts in which was intended this check, and warns us of the arrival of any new email in them.

Fig. 1

The launch of this service may be made from the corresponding option from the Init menu; from button of the Zator main screen, and from the adequate option of the dBase menu  (email -> Start eWatcher). But keep in mind that the service remains active even after exiting Zator, and to uninstall or stop it, you must use the appropriate option from the context menu that you get when right-click the mouse on the icon in the notification area of the tray ("systray") as shown in Figure 1.

To control the arrival of new emails in the mailboxes, eWatcher uses the email accounts defined in the corresponding dBase. In this regard, note that:

When the eWatcher service is launched from start menu (options installed by the installer), the accounts used are those defined in the installation directory dBase (local area of the application).

When eWatcher is launched from the button on the main screen, the service uses the email accounts defined in the dBase currently connected to the initial area.

When eWatcher is launched from the option email -> Start eWatcher in the dBase menu, the service uses the email account defined in the work area being used at that time.

The eWatcher service reviews every two minutes the selected email accounts, and report on the arrival of new emails, and if there have been deletions -when the number of mail messages is fewer than in the last verification-.