OrganiZATOR User's Guide

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The menu bar of the main window offers two sets of utilities: Utils-1 and Utils-2.  The first contains a number of utilities that will certainly facilitate your daily development. The second group tools related to the maintenance and safety of the data. These include:

  • Utils-1

    • Notebook    A place where you annotate.  Notebook always uses the local area dBase.

    • Calendar.  Access to a perpetual calendar that can be used to calculate distances between dates.

    • Select work area    Select/change the working area of the main zone.

    • Run command    Select and execute commands defined in the list of commands of the local area dBase.

    • Frequent Use    See the panel of Data Frequently Used of the local area.

    • Send Message    Send a message to another user using the Zator internal messaging system.

    • Launch eWatcher    Start the email alert service.

  • Utils-2

    • Save Backup  Make a backup of the local dBase.

    • Restore Backup.  Restore the local dBase from the backup copy.

    • Check integrity.  Check integrity of the dBase connected to de main zone. Repair potential inconsistencies.

    • Reindexing.  Regenerating the indexes of the dBase connected to the main zone.

    • Regenerate & Compact.  Recover space of the deleted data in the dBase connected to the main zone.

Note: remember that not all options are available to all users, some require owner or super user privileges to access them.